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City Commission Approves Request to Submit Grant Request to U.S. DOT

Judd Weil-News Director"


At their first meeting of the month on Tuesday, Sept. 6, rescheduled from their usual Monday due to the Labor Day holiday, Dodge City commissioners approved a request to submit a grant application to the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) to secure funds for the development of a Dodge City Comprehensive Safety Action Plan.

A comprehensive safety action plan is aimed at preventing roadway fatalities and serious injuries within the city limits.

On May 16, the U.S. DOT published a notice of funding opportunity for the Safe Streets and Roads for All Discretionary Grant Program.

The purpose of this notice is to solicit applications funds to be awarded on a competitive basis to support planning, infrastructure, behavioral, and operational initiatives to prevent death and

serious injury on roads and streets involving all roadway users, including pedestrians; bicyclists; public transportation, personal conveyance, and micromobility users; motorists; and commercial vehicle operators.

Grant applications are due on Sept. 15, at 5 p.m.

Communities must develop an Action Plan before they are eligible to apply for federal funds to implement that plan.

Once this Action Plan is completed, the City will be eligible to apply for grants to fund improvement projects under the Safe Streets for All program over the next four years.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) established the new Safe Streets and Roads for All

(SS4A) discretionary program with $5 billion in appropriated funds over the next 5 years. In fiscal year 2022 (FY22), up to $1 billion is available.

The grant would be funded 80% by U.S. DOT and 20% by the city.

Additionally, if the grant application is approved, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) will provide a minimum of 10% of total project cost,50% of the local match portion.

The total project cost is not to exceed $300,000 and the funding sources

would be as follows:

$240,000 (80%) U.S. DOT

$30,000 (10%) KDOT

$30,000 (10%) City of Dodge City

Commissioners at their meeting tabled a request by the City of Dodge City to present the Community Facility Advisory Board (CFAB) recommendation on changes to the existing subsidy as detailed in the current agreement with Craig Dollansky Racing (CDR) Promotions for Dodge City Raceway Park (DCRP).

Due to the proposed changes, the administration recommended issuing a request for qualifications for the operation/promotion of DCRP, for the 2023 season.

Previously at a special meeting on July 21, CFAB recommended the following changes to the existing agreement with CDR Promotions for the Operations of DCRP:

Change the average attendance requirement for major events from 1,000 to 700 attendees.

Reimburse and provide funding for short track expenses at $3,000 per race.

Implement an event fund policy up to $150,000 to be used to increase DCRP special events.

Increase the annual subsidy for the operator/ promoter for an amount not to exceed $400,000 for 2022.

CDR Promotions had submitted a proposal to City Administration to increase funding to assist with the operation and promotion of the facility. Since changes would significantly change the existing subsidy amount as defined in the agreement, the proposal was presented to CFAB for consideration.

The request to issue an RFQ for the future operation of the track is needed due to changes to the existing agreement. The proposed RFQ is stated to also open the opportunity for any promoters/operators to submit a proposal due to the changes in potential funding for the facility.

The motion was tabled due to action requiring a joint session between the City and County Commissions.

“The Race Track is a WND project and budgets are approved by both City and County Commissions, normally during a joint meeting,” explained Dodge City Commissioner Rick Sowers in an email. “It’s my understanding that a meeting is being scheduled soon review this request.

“I have found it more productive if both commissions hear the same presentation and if there are questions everyone hears the same answer. It’s just being respectful of the process and valuing the input of the County Commissioners as well as the members of CFAB.”

Commissioners unanimously approved a motion to appoint voting delegates to attend the Kansas League of Municipalities Annual Business Meeting from Oct. 8 to Oct. 10 in Overland Park, Kan.

It is Kansas Law the governing body of each member city of the League of Kansas Municipalities elect city delegates from among the city’s officers to represent the city in the conduct and management of the affairs of the League.

The four delegates attending the conference will be City of Dodge City Manager Nick Hernandez, Assistant City Manager Melissa McCoy, Mayor Kent Smoll, and Commissioner Chuck Taylor, along with Assistant City Manager Ernestor De La Rosa as an alternate.

Commissioners approved a quote from Underground Specialists, Inc. for the construction of

infrastructure improvements for the Iron Flats Phase 1 Subdivision in the amount of $6,197,940.95.

The Iron Flats Phase 1 Subdivision will open 109 lots for development. The cost per lot is $56,861.84.

The City of Dodge City has been working with the developer of the Iron Flat’s Phase 1 Subdivision to develop the infrastructure plans for water, sewer, storm sewer, and streets to service the new development.

This project will also be part of the Rural Housing Incentive District (RHID) Program, discussed earlier in the meeting, with a resolution to set a date and time for a public hearing as required by Kansas statute having passed.

The Developer requested a quote for the construction of the infrastructure from Underground Specialists, Inc. for the construction of the infrastructure. Underground Specialists, Inc. was the Contractor for the Milstock Subdivision.

“That [Underground Specialists, Inc.] was the only quote the developer acquired,” informed Ray Slattery, Director of Engineering Services.

The Engineer’s Estimate for the project was $6,060,042.00.

The quote is $137,898.95 or 2.28% above the Engineer’s Estimate.

Slattery also brought to the City commission a $125,229.94 quote from Victory Electric to install street lights at intersections, major bends, mid-way of extra long blocks, and at the end of a cul-de-sac of Iron Flats Subdivision. In Phase 1 of the development, Iron Flats will have 14


Victory Electric and the City have a program in place where the City pays for the cost of the individual streetlights and installation. Victory Electric then bills the City a monthly fee of $4.71 per light per month.

This fee covers the electrical usage and any maintenance of the streetlight from the date of installation forward.

The streetlights will consist of metal poles, underground wiring in conduit, and 50-watt LED luminaires. The street lights were stated to be an eligible RHID expense.

Commissioners also approved a motion to hire a Design Consultant as part of a consulting agreement with PEC to design the necessary repairs for the South Bound 14th Ave. Bridge over the Arkansas River in the amount of $39,127.50.

In April of 2021 the City of Dodge City received the results of the Biennial Bridge Inspections. Through the inspection, it was determined the South Bound 14th Ave. Bridge over the Arkansas River had a couple of items in need of repair.

Services to be completed under this agreement include but are not limited to:

Develop plans, specifications, and assist the City in bidding the repair of the following items on the South Bound 14th Ave. Bridge over the Arkansas River.

Patching of the spalled areas on the deck of the driving surface and sidewalk area.

Repair concrete surface at all pier beam ends.

A polymer deck overlay will be required in the next 2-4 years to help preserve the concrete deck of the bridge. The design of the overlay is not included in the agreement.

Funding for the design of the necessary repairs to the bridge were included in the 2021 GOB, with $50,000 budgeted for the design of the repairs.

It was made clear in the meeting the funding for the construction of the repairs will need to be allocated in the 2023 budget.

Dodge City commissioners will meet again this month.

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