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DCCC Athletic Programs and Student-Athletes Earn NJCAA All-Academic Honors

Judd Weil-News Director


Dodge City Community College (DCCC) announced on July 11, a total of 73 Conquistador athletes have earned NJCAA All-Academic honors for the 2021-22 academic year.

At the same time, seven programs earned NJCAA All-Academic team honors for the 2021-22 year. For the teams to earn NJCAA All-Academic honors your team GPA had to be 3.0 or better.

Individually student-athletes were recognized as NJCAA All-Academic honorees if they achieved a GPA of 3.60-4.00 for the 2021-22 academic year. First-team honors go to student-athletes with a 4.0 GPA, second-team honors to student-athletes with 3.80-3.99 GPA, and third-team honors to student-athletes with 3.60-3.79 GPA.

Women's golf finished with the highest team GPA for all Conquistador athletic programs with a 3.64 which was the second-highest for NJCAA programs earning them NJCAA All-Academic team honors.

Softball, men's golf, baseball, women's basketball, volleyball, and men's soccer all earned NJCAA All-Academic team honors as they had team GPAs of 3.51, 3.46, 3.39, 3.38, 3.36, and 3.33 respectively.

Individually, 23 Conquistadors earned first-team NJCAA All-Academic finishing with a 4.0 GPA for the year, while 29 picked up second-team honors, and 21 earned third-team honors.

Fourteen programs had a least one athlete earn NJCAA All-Academic honors for the year.

Baseball and men's soccer each had 15 athletes earn the honors, while softball had nine, volleyball eight, cross country and track field with seven, and women's basketball with five.

Women's and men's golf, and football had four student-athletes earn the honors while men's basketball and women's soccer each had one.

In total 1,061 teams across the NJCAA earned NJCAA All-Academic team honors, while 9,912 student-athletes across NJCAA earned the distinction individually.

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