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Dodge City Flight Nurse to Be Honored in Washington D.C.

Judd Weil


Cathy Heikes is being honored for her leadership and attention to care.
Dodge City Flight Nurse Cathy Heikes is being honored for her leadership and attention to care.

Cathy Heikes, a Flight Nurse for EagleMed/Med-Trans Corp., in Dodge City, was recently named one of 33 Global Medical Response Stars of Life.

All honorees from across the country will be honored at the American Ambulance Association Stars of Life Awards Ceremony, May 1 through May 4 in Washington, D.C.

Heikes is being honored for her excellent leadership ability and attention to care during her 37-year career as a flight nurse.

“As the Base Medical Manager for EagleMed 4 in Dodge City, Cathy has trained and mentored countless air medical professionals, developed new practices and protocols and provided exceptional patient care,” said Odie White, Regional Medical Manager for EagleMed and Med-Trans Corp. “She believes deeply that she must be willing and capable of doing anything she asks her team to do.”

In 2004, then-Governor Kathleen Sebelius appointed Cathy to serve on the Southwest Kansas Regional Trauma Council. For 15 years, Cathy worked with the multidisciplinary council to improve trauma care systems across her native Kansas.

Cathy spent 13 years in the U.S. Army. She deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1991 to deliver critical care to fellow soldiers during Operation Desert Storm.

Two years ago, Global Medial Response deployed Cathy to New Jersey to provide medical support for EMS personnel during the first COVID-19 surge.

Wherever she serves, Cathy can be counted on to meet the highest standards and lead with integrity.

“It is a real honor to be representing Med-Trans, EagleMed, rural EMS in southwest Kansas and my base,” said Heikes. “I am truly humbled by the nomination.”

Each GMR Star of Life represents a story of service and dedication in every area of the EMS industry and is selected by their peers in an extensive nomination process.

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