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Eight New Fully Online Degree Programs Now Offered at GCCC

Judd Weil-News Director


Garden City Community College (GCCC) announced on Aug. 3, they will now offer eight fully online programs for Associates degrees in Science, Arts, and General Studies.

Additionally, three certificates and a home health aide training are now fully available online.

With GCCC's Online Campus, people can study anytime and anywhere.

GCCC stated, online courses meet the same objectives, content competencies, and transferability standards as face-to-face classes do.

All online courses at GCCC are $150 per credit hour with books and fees included. Additional fees may apply depending on course.

Those interested in learning more about online programs can call 620-276-9788 or email or visit the Online Campus webpage.

The Fall 2022 semester begins on Aug. 15. New students are encouraged to apply for admission, call 620-276-9608 or email for more information.

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