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Family Receives Rehabilitated Home

Judd Weil-News Director


The Community Housing Association of Dodge City (CHAD) brings new life to a once vacant home using the Abandoned Housing Program. The home in question, previously located in the outskirts of Wright, Kan. was donated by Bill Crane and was moved onto the vacant lot on Avenue N in Dodge City, Kan.

According to CHAD, the Abandoned Housing Program uses a two-pronged approach to create affordable housing, rehabilitating vacant homes and constructing new homes on vacant lots.

CHAD accepts donations of vacant homes and rehabilitates them with the help of local contractors, then places them back into the community as quality housing for ownership in the moderate-income price range.

There are multiple advantages to approaching housing development by renovating vacant homes including the ability to access credit by building home equity, long-term savings over the cost of renting, pride of ownership, improved stability, and increased community involvement.

CHAD’s most recent project, a 1,430 sq ft single family home was purchased May 3, by Fulgencio Lopez-Gonzalez and Regina Chavez- Martinez.

“For many people, owning a home represents stability and independence,” said CHAD in a release. “For this family it’s a lifelong dream achieved through sacrifice, hard work and the aspiration to provide a life with opportunities only previously imagined for their children.”

For more information about the Abandoned Housing Program and other community programs available through the Community Housing Association of Dodge City contact Angie Gonzalez with the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation, at 620-371-3870 or

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