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Garden City Man Charged with Kidnapping after Taking Family Members Hostage

Judd Weil-News Director


Abdiweli Aden was arrested after taking family members hostage by gunpoint.

The Garden City Police Department (GCPD) arrested a man on kidnapping charges after taking a family member and their toddler hostage on June 8.

Abdiweli Aden, 25, Garden City was charged with Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Child Endangerment, Criminal Threat, and Domestic Battery.

At around 3:10 p.m., GCPD was dispatched to the 600 block of Labrador Boulevard for a battery-in-progress.

Investigation revealed that an argument ensued between Aden and several family members, where Aden was being disorderly and made threats toward them.

Before officers arrived, Aden retrieved a handgun and ran to a family member’s vehicle, and the family member followed Aden. Aden allegedly pointed the handgun at the family member and directed them to drive away or he would shoot them.

The family’s member two-year-old was in the vehicle when Aden kidnapped them.

Officers located the vehicle in the 2900 block of Belmont Drive with Aden, the family member, and the toddler inside.

Aden was still in possession of the handgun and was initially uncooperative with GCPD.

After a short time, Aden surrendered to police and was taken into custody without further incident.

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