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Garden City Police Issue Scam Warning

Judd Weil-News Director


Scammers are reportedly using stolen images from the internet for false identification..

The Garden City Police Department (GCPD) is issuing a warning to the public to be vigilant following a rash of scams from Facebook Marketplace.

Examples include COVID-19 relief, rentals for sale, and fundraisers to help people in need.

According to GCPD, in many incidents, the scammer will send a photo with a Driver’s License or another form of identification to gain the trust of the victim, express urgency for the victim to act, and then convince the victim into switching to a third-party option for payment.

“A recent victim of an online marketplace scam reported losing several thousands of dollars,” said GCPD in the warning on their Facebook page.

GCPD also shared a photo of alleged identification sent from a scammer from another online marketplace fraud report. The "identification" was sent from a scammer to make the victim feel more comfortable about going through with the transaction and gain a sense of trust. The photo was blurred to protect the identity of the actual person, with GCPD adding the scammer probably found it somewhere on the internet.

Garden Police Department advises people to:

Continue to be vigilant with your online marketplace shopping. If you think it is a scam or if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Ask questions, do NOT give out your personal or financial information, and do your own research before you commit to anything.

At the bare minimum, if you see something suspicious on any social media marketplace, report it as spam/fraud through that platform.

“Stay vigilant and protect your personal and financial information. You can always call us if you have questions as we take these reports seriously,” said GCPD.

People with questions or believe they have been a victim of fraud should immediately report it to their bank and contact the GCPD at 620-276-1300.

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