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Primary Election Results for Kansas House of Representatives; Districts 115 and 119

Judd Weil-News Director


With the primaries closed and November on the horizon, election season is far from over.

Gary White came out over Joseph Nuci for House Representative for District 115 candidate in the primaries.

“I’m pretty excited,” said White. “I just have had so much help from all the small communities and Dodge and a wonderful support team.”

As of now, it looks like Gary White is running unopposed for District 115 in the November general elections.

White previously stated his reason for running to represent his district is rooted in conversations he had with current representative Boyd Orr and others in Topeka, Kan.

Orr is retiring following this election cycle.

His platform was also heavy on helping agricultural producers in the 115. During the primaries, he had stated there is a need for someone in Topeka, who knows the importance of agriculture to the 115.

“I really want to represent the farm district. I think that’s why people voted for me. I’m a farmer, said White, who farms wheat and milo in Ashland, Kan. in Clark County.

Going forward, White said his plan is to win the general in November.

“That ought to be easy. I’m getting calls from our next speaker of the house and the next majority leader already congratulating me,” said White. “I’m going up there like Mr. Smith goes to Washington full of optimistic hope.

“I hope I’m not let down. Hope there are people there to hold my hand and help me. Super nice on both sides of the aisle. Let's crack a joke or two and get along.”

Other than farming White stated, his only other occupation was teaching on a Navajo reservation in Arizona for a time.

“Everybody should live as a minority for a while. It’s very humbling and eye opening. It doesn’t hurt anybody to live as a minority for a little while,” said White. “Then they understand what minorities around here are talking about. That subtle stuff that drives you nuts. It all adds up.”

In the primary race for the Republican vote to represent House District 119, Jason Goetz of Dodge City, Kan. came out on top in a fairly close race with current representative Bradley Ralph.

During the primaries, Goetz stated he is very local minded, with his past, present, and future in Dodge City, Kan., mostly represented by District 119, as a motivating factor.

“Reason I ran is to ‘rep’ Dodge City and that’s what I’m going to do,” said Goetz.

When deciding to run to represent House District 119, Goetz said he was waiting for the “right thing to step into,” and he had spoken to the Republican leadership in Dodge City who urged him to run.

Moving forward Goetz said he intended to, “make some connections and start learning and put our head in this and do the right things for Dodge City.”

The primaries for southwest Kansas did not end there, with results yielding for U.S. Representative for Kansas District 1.

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