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Governor Laura Kelly Signs Bill to Help Kansans Living with a Disability Save for Their Future

Judd Weil

[TOPEKA, Kan.]

Governor Laura Kelly signed a bill into law, House Bill 2490, authorizing the State Treasurer to determine who may open and own an ABLE savings account on April 7.

The ABLE Savings Program is a tax-advantaged savings account that helps Kansans living with a disability save for certain expenses without losing eligibility for other assistance programs.

“Programs like the ABLE Savings Account are vital to ensuring barriers don’t stand in the way of Kansans living with disabilities,” said Governor Laura Kelly. “The program helps get Kansans the services needed to have fulfilling, healthy lives without fear of losing other necessary assistance.”

"HB2490 helps save ABLE accounts and bring Kansas into Federal compliance,” Treasurer Lynn Rogers said. “By doing so, we're allowing more Kansans living with a disability the opportunity to cost effectively save for their future and we are grateful for the strong, bipartisan support of this bill."

House Bill 2490 passed both chambers with bipartisan support.

Governor Kelly also signed the following bipartisan bills:

HB 2231 Amends the definition of the crime of conducting a pyramid promotional scheme, provides for an exemption, and defines key terms.

HB 2712 Establishes the Kansas commission for the United States semi-quincentennial.

HB 2608 Removes provisions authorizing criminal restitution to be enforced as a civil judgment and authorizes judicial districts to contract for collection services for criminal restitution.

HB 2541 Credits docket fees to the State General Fund instead of the judicial branch docket fee fund; credits marriage license fees and driver’s license reinstatement fees to the state general fund instead of the judicial branch nonjudicial salary adjustment fund.

HB 2110 Requires insurance coverage for PANS and PANDAS by the state health care benefits program and requires the State Employee Health Care Commission to submit an impact report on such coverage to the legislature.

HB 2462 Removes the standing committee membership requirements for members of the Joint Committee on State-Tribal Relations.

HB 2481 Authorizes KP&F participating service credit purchase for certain in-state nonfederal governmental employment.

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