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Jane Longmeyer Recycling Center to Expand Hours

Judd Weil-News Director

The Jane Longmeyer Recycling Center will expand its hours of operation to Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., starting May 31. With the change in hours, the after-hours drop-off bins will be eliminated.

According to the City, the reason for this is to combat illegal dumping and contamination.

"We are still seeing some illegal dumping and contamination in our after-hours bins," said Director of Public Works Corey Keller. "We had hoped that it would be eliminated with the new location, but since it hasn't been, we decided the best course of action is to provide more times for the community to recycle and remove the bins completely."

When recycled items are contaminated, it brings down the level of desirability to the recycling markets, Keller added. This harms the recycling process and program on every level, and depending on the amount of contamination, items may have to go to the landfill instead, costing the program money.

The Jane Longmeyer Recycling Center accepts the following items for recycling:

• Rinsed Clear/Brown/& Green Food and Beverage Glass with lids and rings removed.

• Rinsed Food & Beverage Tin Cans (Loose lid may be discarded).

• Rinsed # 1PETE & PETE bottles.

• Rinsed # 2HDPE milk jugs, water jugs, juice jugs, and vinegar jugs.

• Rinsed # 2HDPE colored containers (A hint all HDPE #2 containers will have a seam on the bottom) (lids should be removed).

• Corrugated cardboard boxes (With absolutely no styrofoam or plastic packaging).

• Flat paperboard boxes (no milk box/juice box type containers).

• Aluminum Beverage Cans.

• Miscellaneous Paper products (Newspaper and all ads, magazines and catalogs, junk mail, school, and office paper, telephone books, and shredded paper).

• And electronic recycling.

The Jane Longmeyer Recycling Center is located at 124 Nth 14th Ave.

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