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Mural Ribbon Cutting at Eisenhower Park

Judd Weil


The City of Dodge City announced on May 18, a ribbon-cutting is scheduled for the unveiling and installation of murals at Eisenhower Park on Saturday, June 4 at 9:30 a.m., during the 11th Annual Main Street Festival.

The Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce will perform the ribbon cutting ceremony for the event.

The City of Dodge City stated they were awarded a grant from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, Strategic Investment Program, New & Expanded Works.

The grant’s purpose is to have a mural commissioned at Eisenhower Park, located in the heart of Downtown Dodge City, which was recently renovated. The mural will bring the entire project together.

“We are excited to see the final product installed and go up at its permanent home,” said Coral Lopez, Main Street Director. “We had some unforeseen repairs that we had to address before the murals could be installed. However, this allowed the project to expand from the original one single mural on the west wall of the park to four individual murals that cover all the walls in the park.”

After a competitive bid process and a selection panel of community members reviewed all submissions, Inga Ojala was selected as the artist to bring the mural to life.

The selection panel included community members representing the City of Dodge City, Main Street Dodge City, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Public Art Commission, and Dodge City stakeholders.

“Our appreciation goes out to the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission for the grant and the matching sponsors that allowed us to bring the project to fruition,” said Lopez.

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