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Woman Lies About Baby and Bomb in Kensington Bank Robbery Case; Federal Charges to Be Considered

Judd Weil-News Director


Jennie R. Aanenson falsely claimed to law enforcement she had been forced to rob a bank while armed with a bomb by two men who had kidnapped a falsified baby in Smith County, Kan. on June 6.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) and the Smith County Sheriff’s Office arrested a woman connected to a bank robbery in Kensington, Kan. on June 6.

Monday at around 10:15 a.m., a woman robbed the Farmers National Bank at 133 S. Main St. in Kensington.

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office responded to the location and found Jennie R. Aanenson, 51, Agra, Kan., outside of the bank. Aanenson was detained.

The KBI was asked to assist at approximately 10:30 a.m.

When questioned, Aanenson reported that she was forced by two men to rob the bank while armed with a bomb that was in her bag. She also claimed her infant daughter was abducted by the men who left the area while she was inside the bank.

The Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) and the Smith County Sheriff’s Office immediately began searching for the reported vehicles. Also assisting in the case were the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office and the Osborne County Sheriff’s Office.

KBI agents arrived to assist, and concluded no child was abducted, and Aanenson does in fact not have an infant daughter.

Additionally, the KHP’s Hazardous Devices Unit responded to the bank, and determined the device was not a bomb.

Later Monday evening, Aanenson was arrested for suspected aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon, aggravated criminal threat, and two counts of interference with law enforcement. She was booked into the Smith County Jail. Formal charges are pending.

The investigation is ongoing.

The KBI stated the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is expected to join the case so federal charges can be considered.

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